Keep on rockin’ in the new year

Well, it’s about time I made a post in 2009.

Lately I’ve been getting (back) into console development/hacking, picking up from the very limited things I did with it circa 2003–in short, making shitty Super Mario World levels and producing a very short document that led to the development of a limited level editor named “Kirby’s Balls.” It was funny when I was 13 and it’s still funny today.

Right now I’m collecting and reading various documents on programming the 65c816, in hopes that I can try to port a simple Ti-83 game (right now my sights are set on Falldown but I’ll probably end up finding something less time-consuming to make) to the SNES. I’ve also been playing around with Game Boy emulation a bit again, thinking about finishing what I started with Kirby’s Block Ball and figuring out stuff about boss levels, extra tilesets, enemy data, and maybe the codepointers to Kirby’s various abilities or something, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

Maybe I’ll try getting a hold of the author of Kirby’s Balls if I ever get around to doing this. I know the number of people who would actually want to edit Kirby’s Block Ball is probably low to none, but it’ll be a fun side project nonetheless.

Well, see you in 2010…

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